Identifer Title Publication Year First author
Aidhy1 5_(012)_100 Grain Boundary 2018 Arora, Gaurav
Aidhy2 5_(031)_100 Grain Boundary 2018 Arora, Gaurav
Aidhy3 5_(100)_100 Grain Boundary 2018 Arora, Gaurav
Aidhy4 5_(131)_100 Grain Boundary 2018 Arora, Gaurav
Aidhy5 5_(2-21)_100 Grain Boundary 2018 Arora, Gaurav
CI_Water Data for paper "Validation of finite water‐content vadose zone dynamics method using column experiments with a moving water table and applied surface flux" 2015 Ogden, Fred L.
Frank1 Data and source code for "Bayesian analyses of seventeen winters of water vapor fluxes show bark beetles reduce sublimation" 2018 Frank, John M.
Hall1 Behavioural plasticity modulates temperature-related constraints on foraging time for a montane mammal 2018 Hall, L. Embere
Harkins1 It’s a Trap: Optimizing Detection of Rare Small Mammals 2018 Harkins, Kristina
M2159X Simulated coastal river otter movement data for PrinceWilliam Sound, AK. Modeling behavior by coastal river otter (Lontra canadensis) in response to prey availability in Prince William Sound, Alaska: a spatially-explicit individual-based approach 2015 Albeke, Shannon E.
M21G6W Data Set for the paper "Diffusion-based neuromodulation can eliminate catastrophic forgetting in simple neural networks" 2017 Velez, Roby
M21S3V Seismic and resistivity data from line 1_repeat at Obsidian Pool Thermal Area, Yellowstone National Park. 2017 Pasquet, Sylvain
M22P4H Soil Moisture Velocity Equation [Code and data used in paper] 2016 Civil and Architectural Engineering
M24T00 Alaska small mammals: individual capture and measurement data 2017 Eckrich, Carolyn A.
M25C7G 1m Digital Elevation Map for Blair Wallis research site in Wyoming 2017 Holbrook, W. Steven
M26P4R Supplemental data for "The rapid yet uneven turnover of Earth's groundwater" 2016 Befus, Kevin Martin
M27P42 Data Set for Curiosity Search: Producing Generalists by Encouraging Individuals to Continually Explore and Acquire Skills Throughout Their Lifetime 2016 Stanton, Christopher
M29H4Z Borehole nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) logging 2016-2017 2017 Parsekian, Andrew D.
M2F66V Snowy_Range_Seasonal_Lakes_Hydrology_and_Geophysics_2013_2015 2017 Leifert, David T.
M2GSKV 5_(1-21)_100 Grain Boundary 2018 Arora, Gaurav
M2GW2J Earthworms and Tree Roots: A model study of the effect of preferential flow paths on runoff generation and groundwater recharge in steep, saprolitic, tropical lowland catchments 2017 Cheng, Yanyan
M2M37R Seismic Refraction data in the Blair-Wallis catchment in the Laramie Range, Wyoming 2017 Flinchum, Brady A.
M2MS34 Species’ traits help predict small mammal responses to habitat homogenization by an invasive grass 2017 Ceradini, Joseph Phillip
M2PD5Q Lidar snow depth data 2016 Miller, Scott
M2QQ20 NoName_Trench_Hydrology_ Geophysics_May_September_ 2015 2017 Parsekian, Andrew David
M2R59F Circle-shot seismic refraction data in the Blair-Wallis region, Laramie Range, Wyoming 2017 Novitsky, G. Christopher
M2RP4Q Seismic and Resistivity Data for Boulder Creek CZO, Colorado, Calhoun, CZO, South Carolina, and Pond Branch, Maryland Geophysical imaging reveals topographic stress control of bedrock weathering 2015 St. Clair, James
M2TG61 Seismic and resistivity data from line 1 at Obsidian Pool Thermal Area, Yellowstone National Park. Geophysical imaging of shallow degassing in a Yellowstone hydrothermal system. 2016 Pasquet, Sylvain
M2V957 Bubbles_GPR_2015_2016 2017 Fantello, Nadia
M2W01X Data for "Measuring snow water equivalent from common offset GPR records through migration velocity analysis." 2017 St. Clair, James Taylor
M2WC70 A New General 1-D Vadose Zone Flow Solution Method 2015 Ogden, Fred L.
M2Z599 Utility ratings of ecological concepts by members of the Ecological Society of America 2016 Reiners, William A.
M2ZW9J Salt precipitation in ultra-­tight porous media 2016 Petroleum Engineering Department, University of Wyoming